Victron and Moixa Battery Storage

In combining electricity which is directly used from your solar panels and electricity stored in the battery system, it is possible you could be virtually 100% independent during the summer months. The Victron battery system can calculate to see if you are exporting or importing energy from the grid.  Exporting energy means that the energy is being transferred to the battery, importing energy means it is discharging the energy from the battery, thus minimising your usage of grid supplied energy.

The benefits of having electricity storage with a solar PV system are as follows:

  • Electricity, instead of being exported back to the grid, is stored in a battery system for later use when the PV system is not producing.
  • Depending on the type of battery system installed, it is possible even for a grid tied battery set, to provide a Unique Power Supply function (UPS) for specific circuits such as lighting etc which is useful in the event of power cuts.
  • For a domestic system (up to 4kW) even though the electricity is stored in the batteries, you will still be paid the same export tariffs as if it had been exported to the grid.
  • The Victron battery systems that LED Electrical install come with full internet monitoring and the batteries have a 10 year warranty. We as a company will monitor any system we install on our customers behalf, the internet access also provides the customer with full historic data of the battery system performance.
  • You can still have a battery storage system installed if you have a rent a roof solar install. You will receive exactly the same benefits from the battery storage as any other install would.

LED Electrical Group Limited is a certified Victron and Moixa battery installer.