Domestic Solar PV Installation : Shenfield Essex


Shenfield, Essex


2 x East Facing
2 x West Facing
12 x South Facing


16 x 250 kW Solar Panels with Micro-Inverters

Predicted Savings:

  • Estimated annual output = 3495 kWh
  • Annual generation income = £468.00 per annum
  • Annual export income = £85.00 per annum
  • Savings from electricity generated = £214.00 per annum
Total Savings = £767.00 per annum


  • Partial shading due to overlooking trees
  • 3 x Roof orientation


LED Solar were approached by Mr and Mrs Poole who were searching for a solution that could result in the reduction of their electricity bills. As well as providing this solution LED Solar were also able to provide Mr and Mrs Poole with a predicted income of £553.00 per annum payable under the Feed-in Tariff (FiT), together with a predicted reduction of £214.00 per annum off their electricity bill, giving a total annual predicted saving of £767.00

After extensive surveys LED Solar calculated that micro-inverters were the best course of action, as this specific system would address the inherited limitations such as shading and panels being installed on 3 roof aspects. Micro-inverters enable the solar panels to work individually to harness the suns solar radiation should shading affect part of the solar string on any one roof. Had a standard string system with a central inverter been installed, then partial shading of the solar string would reduce the systems potential generation by a potential 50%. This method thus enabled Mr and Mrs Poole to achieve the maximum potential generation given the issues surrounding shading.

Our aftercare team at LED Solar have since been in contact with Mr and Mrs Poole, who have informed us that their predicted returns have been confirmed and in some months are being exceeded.

Mr and Mrs Poole

“We first heard about LED Solar from a friend who had a solar PV system installed by them. We were told about their competitive rates and how friendly and approachable they were. We also had very little knowledge of Solar PV and have since learned a great deal from LED Solar. The installation itself was completed in less than a day and we could not fault how hard the whole team worked and how professional they were. Since having the system installed we have had a few additonal questions as there was a lot of information to take in initially. However, LED Solar have been extremely accommodating and answered all of our questions, leaving us very satisfied customers. We would most certainly recommend them to anyone thinking of having solar PV installed”.

Would you like to see how Mr and Mrs Poole’s solar PV system was installed? Check out the video below!


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